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​California Organized Retail Crimes Association  (CAL-ORCA) Event Recap

Submitted by: Chris DeSantis, Dir. Central Investigations & ORC, Macy’s
Photos provided by: Lt. Greg Doyle, LAPD Commercial Crimes Division

The 1st Annual Calfornia Organized Retail Crimes Conference (CAL-ORCA) was held on September 27th at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. Over 750 members and distinguished guests attended including Local/State/Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, District Attorneys and hundreds of Loss Prevention professionals. This signified the first ever assemblance of state wide representatives from the Bay Area to San Diego.

Guest speakers included Pasadena Chief of Police Phillip Sanchez, LAPD Asst Chief, Director-Special Operations Beatrice Girmala, Assemblyman Tom Lackey, Joe Larocca from Retail Partners, Dennis Dansak from Kroger and Ed Zeier from LEAPS.

In addition to networking and training, a key theme of the day was the unified effort needed by law enforcement/retailers/prosecutors and legislators to counteract Proposition 47 in the state of California.

Within the training curriculum were presentations from experienced Law Enforcement and LP professionals on topics such as Cargo Theft, Financing of Terrorism, EMV, Open Source Intelligence, Cyber Crime and Combatting ORC.

Thanks to the the core group of retailers and law enforcement members who comprised the CAL-ORCA Advisory Board, along with our LEAPS partners who played a key role in the start up of CAL-ORCA. We also would like to acknowledge the retailers and vendors who helped to fund this great event. Extra special thanks to Kent Oda, CAL-ORCA Director, retired LAPOD, and Detective Joe Hopkins, conference co-chairs for their efforts.

Pictures below (scroll over for captions)

1st Annual California Organized Retail Crimes
Association Conference

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