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CLEAR Board Members

Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail 

(CLEAR) Event Recap

Retail Loss Prevention Investigation of the Year
Toys R Us Investigations Team: Ed Fuentes, Amanda Hobert, Mike Flanagan, Dennis Dixon, BJ Day, Tyson Roberts; Not pictured: Larry Evangelista, Scott Tassinari, Winston Goreen, and Jay Tubaugh

Topics included: Return Fraud, Legal Insights from a Defense Attorney, ORC Trends, Credit Card Fraud, and the Anatomy of a Critical Incident. In its second day, the conference will cover Open Source Investigations with the Panopticon Group.

One of the biggest highlights was handing out the Loss Prevention Investigation and Law Enforcement Investigator of the Year awards.

The recipients of these awards, as well CLEAR's Board, can be seen in the pictures below.

As the three-day CLEAR Training Conference continues in Reno, NV, the event has so far been a great success. The first day saw nearly 200 Loss Prevention and Law Enforcement professionals in attendance.

CLEAR Conference A Huge Success
Toys R Us Team & Law Enforcement Investigator Recognized

For more information about CLEAR, visit their website here.

Law Enforcement Investigator of the Year
Detective Miguel "Mike" Garcia, Miami-Dade Police Department