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CORCA provides a much needed sustainable network to further a mission to provide consumer education and awareness around the issues associated with retail crime as well as educational resources to industry loss prevention and law enforcement. While organized retail crime will be a significant focus with CORCA, many other aspects of retail crime, including internal theft, cybersecurity, gift card and credit card fraud, will be priorities for the Alliance as well.

CORCA is excited to conduct its first Annual Conference on September 8, 2016 in Charlotte, NC.

The Retail Association’s professional staff, through the Retail Consumer Alliance Foundation, provide oversight of all CORCA operations, meeting preparations, education, Annual Meeting planning, and accounting.

Web Database

The CORCA Alliance will promote a retail theft database, developed in partnership with Alan Buck, area loss prevention manager for Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Detective Shawn Blee with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Created nearly two years ago, was created to track theft and criminal activity impacting businesses on a real-time basis. The website offers a search function to connect cases and establish patterns and trends in a mapped and written format. The site currently has approximately 600 vetted retail and law enforcement users who are posting valuable information about crimes and criminals and helping to prevent others from being victimized. CORCA is working with the retail industry and law enforcement agencies in the Carolinas to spread the word about the database and encourage new users.

“The Alliance will help us build on the success that has achieved and help us proactively combat the threat of organized retail crime in the Carolinas,” said Raleigh Police Detective Scott Womack. “

NCRMA, SCRA and its foundation, the Retail Consumer Alliance Foundation (RCA) have assumed financial responsibility, daily oversight and management of the website which will provide statewide outreach to the retail industry and law enforcement partners.


CORCA is a membership-based organization and provided as a complimentary benefit to members of the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association (NCRMA), South Carolina Retail Association (SCRA) or the Carolinas Food Industry Council (CFIC). A company may also choose to join CORCA separately. Law enforcement membership is complimentary.

In addition to the annual conference and the website database, CORCA will provide training and education to members with a focus on Organized Retail Crime and will also offer face-to-face networking opportunities via membership meetings, continuing education, training opportunities, and the annual conference.

If you would like to know more about CORCA, the September 8 Annual Conference or how to get involved, please contact Jessica Edwin, CORCA Program Manager, at or (919) 832-0811. You may also visit

Submitted by Ann Edmondson

On February 4, 2016, the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association and South Carolina Retail Association and local law enforcement agencies announced the formation of the Carolinas Organized Retail Crime Alliance (CORCA).

CORCA is an alliance of retail businesses and law enforcement agencies working to combat organized retail crime activity in the Carolinas, through the Retail Consumer Alliance Foundation.

Current retail theft goes far beyond shoplifting, involving complex schemes and organized efforts by people who convert illegally obtained merchandise or cash into financial gain by theft or fraud. This new partnership will enhance retailer-to-retailer communications with an increased focus on collaboration between retailers and law enforcement to thwart these sophisticated criminals.

History of the Carolinas Organized Retail Crime Alliance (CORCA)