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By Glenn Justus
Queries of two eCommerce platforms revealed a likely villain, Mr. Smith, targeting expensive text books. The investigative profile produced convictions of retail theft in Arizona, a car theft in Tennessee, a solid address and a likely solution to chronic losses. A conversation with Mr. Smith produced a detailed description of criminal behavior impacting Barnes & Noble stores from Seattle to San Diego - Maine to Miami and all major cities in-between. Turns out Mr. Smith had stolen in excess of $500,000.00 over the previous five years, routinely crossed state lines with his bounty and used the US Post office to ship his online sales. The case was ultimately accepted by the US Attorney in Atlanta and the United States Secret Service. This behavior is common to professional shoplifters and ORC teams and planted the seed for ROCC. What is ROCC?

ROCC's Mission Statement:
ROCC is the avenue connecting loss prevention investigators and federal law enforcement at the headquarter level. ROCC was forged to combat chronic retail organized crime through case referrals, education and the distribution of timely intelligence.

ROCC launched at the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators Annual International Conference in Minneapolis, MN on September 1st, 2015.

More information on ROCC is upcoming.

The genesis of the Retail Organized Crime Coalition (ROCC)