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MiROC's First ORC Training Seminar A Huge Success

150 attendees gather in the conference hall

MiROC (Michigan Regional Organized Crime) Association had approximately 150 people, including Retailers, Federal, State and Local LE partners, and area Prosecutors all attend their first ORC training seminar.

This was the first large scale ORC training conference to be held in Michigan of this type, and MiROC was proud to coordinate and hold the event in Canton, MI.

Some of the topics discussed in the free seminar were Prosecuting ORC, Networking via the MiROC website, Intelligence Tools and ORC case reviews, among others. The training seminar was free to the participants!

For more information on MiROC, visit their website here.

​Michigan Regional Organized Crime Association (MiROC) Event Recap

Sr. Investigator for Target, John Shuler, presenting an ORC Overview