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When Denny Dansak first joined Kroger seven and a half years ago to oversee the Organized Retail Crime Unit for all of Kroger’s companies, it consisted of two other ORC investigators. Today, that unit is comprised of over 20 professional ORC investigators in most metropolitan areas in the country, plus a Financial Crime Unit.

Prior to joining Kroger, Dansak was a Supervisory Special Agent supervising multi-jurisdictional and multi-state task forces working with the FBI, DEA, ATF and local law enforcement agencies focused on organized crime, counter-terrorism and narcotics.

When hired by Kroger, Dansak had the firm belief that in order to combat ORC and reduce shrink, investigators needed a criminal investigative background since ORC investigations would result in criminal cases for law enforcement. Dansak believed there was a dire need to educate law enforcement to differentiate between shoplifting and ORC. His plan and vision was fully supported by the company’s senior Leadership. 

As Denny’s career winds down with his retirement at the end of this month, Kroger’s ORC Unit continues to move forward under the succession plan he initiated one and a half years ago. Denny believes the ORC Unit will continue on a great path of success for Kroger and the unit will continue to drive ORC investigations that will reduce the company’s shrink. 

“The ORC Unit is in good shape and timing is everything,” Denny said. “Buyouts are a good thing.”

We at the D&D Daily thank Denny for his many years of service to the industry and wish him very best in the next chapter of his life. ​

During Dansak’s time with Kroger, his beliefs came to fruition. Over the past seven years, Kroger’s ORC cases have led to over 2,600 arrests and federal indictments by law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Additionally, those ORC investigations netted seizures in excess of $50 million of assets for law enforcement and stolen product for Kroger. Over two dozen investigations detailed direct links that funded organizations overseas with either stolen product and/or cash. This fact illustrated stolen product not only transcends state lines, but travels well internationally.

ORC Leader Denny Dansak
Retiring After 7+ Years As Kroger's Sr. Corporate Manager of ORC

Dansak also used his law enforcement experience and expertise to initiate partnerships with law enforcement which resulted in the formation of numerous law enforcement ORC task forces across the country from San Diego and Los Angeles in California to Richmond, Virginia. It not only worked, but it was extremely successful.  

This success has led to Kroger’s ORC Unit gaining “Best in Class” recognition from both retailers and law enforcement agencies. But Denny would be the first to say that his peers helped make this success possible. Over the years, he has learned a great deal working with his colleagues and building retail partnerships.