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Jose and Axel credit LPOC’s achievements and successes to their members, which come from a variety of national and local retailers, convenience stores, and gas stations, but it is their initial partnership and leadership that has and will continue to pave the way for a thriving LP community in Puerto Rico.​

LPOC has established a communication platform for Law Enforcement agencies and the private sector in order to address opportunities like shoplifting and Organized Retail Crime (ORC).

Professional – LPOC Secretary), the Loss Prevention Organization of the Caribbean was formally named and registered in the Department of State as a non-profit organization.​

Through hard work and commitment to this effort, the group has come a long way in identifying and prosecuting anyone involved in these criminal activities, but the high unemployment rate and struggling economy in Puerto Rico continue drive up ORC activity. One of LPOC’s major goals is to educate local Law Enforcement and government officials, specifically when it comes to enacting laws combating ORC.

Axel Diaz - Vice President, Loss Prevention Organization of the Caribbean

Jose Rivas - President, Loss Prevention Organization of the Caribbean

As a Regional Loss Prevention Manager for AutoZone in Puerto Rico, Jose Rivas now covers 40 stores on the island, an increase of 33 stores since he began working with the company in 2005, when there were just seven locations.

His two decades of experience and outstanding work in the industry make him a leader that many LP professionals look up to, and it also led to him being named the Loss Prevention Manager of the Year for his division in 2015.

Jose's passion for and expertise in quality investigations is why police on the island see him as a great resource, particularly in reinforcing the importance of law enforcement’s ORC division.

ORC Leaders Jose Rivas and Axel Diaz
Paving the Way for a Strong LP Community in Puerto Rico

The Loss Prevention Organization of the Caribbean (LPOC) was established with the intention of developing a professional network within Loss Prevention/Asset Protection and law enforcement agencies. Since the group’s creation, LPOC has become the only forum in Puerto Rico for LP/AP, local law enforcement, and federal agencies such as the FBI and Homeland Security.

It is this background and dedication that led him to co-found, along with Axel Diaz, the Loss Prevention Organization of the Caribbean (LPOC), of which he now serves as president.​

The Loss Prevention Organization of the Caribbean (LPOC)

He began his LP career in 2004, after serving for a decade in the U.S Army, and it wasn’t long before he recognized the need for a professional network in which the LP community could come together and tackle ORC, which is causing great losses to companies on the island.

Axel held the first island-wide Loss Prevention network meeting in 2009, which helped LP retailers, local security managers, and law enforcement come together to network and better understand the LP profession and define Organized Retail Crime on the island.

After several meetings in 2013 with his friends and colleagues, Jose Rivas and Yazmine Ramos (LP and Social Media 

The group currently has 25 members, but LPOC secretary Yazmine Ramos (pictured to the right) is kicking off a drive to boost membership. Jose and Axel will also be speakers at the first Interview and Interrogation Symposium to be held on Nov. 12 at "La Universidad del Este" (East University) of Puerto Rico. The event is expected to bring in 250 people from retail, financial, and law enforcement. 

In 2015, Axel Diaz began working for TJX Companies as a District Loss Prevention Manager, where he oversees 1 out of 3 districts for the Marmaxx market in Puerto Rico. Throughout his career, Axel’s professionalism and passion has made him a respected leader and a well-recognized figure among the LP and Criminal Justice community, not just in Puerto Rico but also in the U.S. Virgin Islands.