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ORCAID Board of Directors - Front Row: Anthony O'Barto; Middle Row (left to right): Marlene Bock, Nicholas Kulack, Terry Weir, Cody Evans, Curtis Exley, Preston Smith; Back Row (left to right): Darcy Layman, Marlin Baker, Ben Becker, Beau Lachance, Jonathan Edwardson, Doug Kuripla, Michael Culton, Ed Fritz

‚ÄčOrganized Retail Crime Association of Idaho (ORCAID) Conference Recap

Day 1 ended with Detective Brian Holland of the Boise Police Department, who gave an eye opening look into gangs in Idaho, their connection to other states, and how they are impacting retailers.

Day 2 was a full day of training by Matthew Logan, from Panopticon Investigative Research. This comprehensive course provided tactical and practical instruction for day-to-day investigators on how to leverage the expansive growing content online to support an investigation. The training was hands on, and it provided a wealth of knowledge and resources to utilize in combatting organized retail crime.

If you are in law enforcement or if you are a member of retail security in the Northwest, we invite you to apply for a free membership to our information sharing website at Follow us on Twitter @ORCAIdaho and LinkedIn for future updates.

Many thanks to Jonathan Edwardson and Ed Fritz for submitting this recap to the D&D Daily!

Hundreds Attend ORCAID's Second Annual ORC Conference
at Boise State University

The first day of the conference started off with an Introduction by ORCAID Chairman Ed Fritz, from the Boise Police Department. A presentation on Organized Retail Crime Investigations was given by Officer Cody Evans and Officer Terry Weir with the Boise Police Department. The key points were that refund fraud has seen a large increase due to the emergence of a secondary buying market for store return cards, and that credit fraud continues to occur because of the lack of implementation of chip and pin technology with various banks and businesses.

Steve Brown, an Organized Retail Crime Investigator for Fred Meyer, gave a detailed look into what an investigation looks like from initiation to conclusion. Brown discussed partnerships with other retailers, developing confidential informants, and making arrests with law enforcement. Christian Hardman, from the eBay North American PROACT & Criminal Investigations Team, gave a detailed view of what investigations look like with online sellers, and how they combat fraud. Detective Justin Elliot, from the Ada County Sheriff's Office, and Doug Kuripla, the Director of Assets Protection for Albertsons, gave a chilling view of prescription medicine fraud and the connection it has to Organized Retail Crime.

ORCAID's 2nd Annual Conference was an outstanding event. The event had hundreds of attendees, a variety of important topics and raised a significant amount of funds for the organization. This conference helped work towards the organization's mission of combating Organized Retail Crime.