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The map to the left represents the number of cases per state that the Daily has reported from January 1st through March 31st. The five states with the highest number of cases are California (36), New York (31), Pennsylvania (29), Florida (28) and Texas (26).

Of our 762 total suspects, 423 reported were male, and 250 reported were female. Below is also a breakdown of the number of suspects reported the past four years, with number of male and female suspects, as well as those with a gender not reported.

The D&D Daily's Q1 ORC Report 
A data driven, detailed audit of all publicly reported ORC crimes in the U.S.

Out of the 368 cases, the methods that were used the most were Credit Card Fraud (11.4% with 42 incidents), theft (37.2% with 137 incidents) and shoplifting (21.7% with 80 incidents).

The graph to the right represents the number of different methods used in ORC cases reported in the D&D Daily. Theft, Shoplifting and Credit Card Fraud are by far the main culprits, making up 259 cases or 70% of the total 368 cases.

Q1 ORC Report

Last year, the D&D Daily gave you, for the first time ever, a four year study of publicly reported ORC Cases. We analyzed the numbers of every single ORC case that was reported on since 2012, and provided you with the number of cases, dollar amount reported from each year, and the top trends driving organized retail crime. 

Now, we are going to give you a look at this first quarter in terms of how organized retail crime is projected to develop for the rest of 2016. Here is the Daily's breakdown of this year's Quarter 1, compared to first quarters over the past four years. So far, it looks close in numbers to last year's first quarter. Could this year beat out last year? We will have to wait and see.

So far in the first quarter of 2016, the Daily has reported 368 Cases with a total of 762 suspects, and over $208 million dollars reported. 

The top 5 cases by dollar amount that the Daily has reported thus far are:
Leader of International, $200 Million Credit Card Fraud Scheme

Five Arrested in $1 Million+ Florida Cargo Theft Ring

'Shoulder surfing' husband gets prison in $600K Walmart Check Scam

Workers steal over $500,000 of Lobster Meat from Distribution Center

$500,000 Major CC Fraud Gang Busted in Atlanta hitting Best Buy Stores