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Quarter 2 Robberies & Burglaries up 18.7% from Quarter 1

Through the second quarter, the cities with the greatest number of incidents were Houston, Texas (18), Omaha, Nebraska (15), and Las Vegas, NV (15). See the extended list of the top 15 cities in the graph to the right.

On a statewide level, the highest number of robberies and burglaries occurred in Texas (106), California (89) and Florida (85) - the most populous states in the country. The graph to the left depicts the top 15 states with the highest number of robberies and burglaries.

Of the cases reported by the Daily in the second quarter, Dollar General (81), 7-Eleven (65) and CVS (54) were the retailers with the most occurrences. The graph to the right shows the top 15 retailers with the most robberies and burglaries.

Q2 Robberies and Burglaries Report

In the second quarter of 2016, the D&D Daily reported a total of 1,366 robberies and burglaries across the United States. This, compared to last quarter's 1,151 case total is an 18.7% increase. After analyzing these cases and breaking them down into three categories, we can observe where the hot spots are in terms of which cities, states and retailers see the most incidents.

For a geographic picture of where the hot spots are for burglaries and robberies in the United States, the Daily generated a heat map illustration, which can be seen to the left.