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Q3 ORC Report

The D&D Daily's Q3 ORC Report 
A data-driven, detailed audit of publicly reported ORC crimes in the U.S.

The five states with the highest number of cases were: 
1. Pennsylvania (35)
2. Texas (31)
3. Florida (29)
4. Illinois (29)
5. California (28) 

Three of these states - Pennsylvania, Florida and California - made the top five list in the second quarter as well, while Illinois and Texas are new additions in the third quarter. 

Ultimately, it's clear that ORC, whether it's the number of cases or suspects, continues to be on the rise in the United States.

While it's important to understand the "what," "how," and "who" when it comes to ORC cases in the United States, it's also useful to know where these crimes are taking place. 

The map below shows which states were the hottest ORC spots, according to the Daily's third-quarter reporting.

After each of the first two quarters in 2016, the D&D Daily released exclusive reports about ORC trends in the United States and in which direction these crimes were moving for the remainder of the year. With 441 ORC cases in the third quarter, an increase over the 395 reported in Q2 and 368 in Q1, the number of ORC cases in 2016 is still on track to surpass last year's figures. There were a total of 1,204 cases reported through the third quarter of 2016. 

As the table below shows, this total easily surpasses the number reported in the same time period in each of the last four years.

There were a total of 918 suspects involved in these cases during the third quarter and, as is common, the vast majority of them were men. Of all third-quarter suspects, 464 were male, 280 were female and 174 had no reported gender. 

When combined with the first two quarters of the year, the number of suspects surpassed 2015 but the same gender breakdown is still evident, as the table below indicates.

Of the hundreds of incidents reported last quarter, the highest dollar cases involved everything from credit card cybercrime to food stamp fraud to jewelry theft. The top five cases by dollar amount reported by the Daily in the third quarter were: ​

Man admits running $9M global credit card cybercrime ring

Six member fraud gang busted for $9M scheme - Hit Home Depot & Target Stores

"Operation Pandora" sends 3 to prison for $800,000 jewelry theft

Victoria's Secret 'precision shoplifters' indicted after $750K in theft from stores in 9 states

Phoenix, AZ: Store Owner busted in $600,000 Food Stamp Fraud 

Of the 441 total reported incidents, the most popular method used was shoplifting/theft (313 incidents)which represented nearly three-quarters of all cases. Credit card fraud (6% with 28 incidents) was also commonly used in Q3 cases. 

The chart below shows these and other various methods used in ORC cases reported by the D&D Daily in the third quarter.