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Kilpatrick says that two other ORC groups, LAAORCA and MetrORCA, were instrumental in helping establishing the framework for MAORCA. She specifically credits Timothy Flynn, another ORC leader the Daily recently highlighted, for being a great resource in helping develop the group into what it is today.

While Kilpatrick is happy with where MAORCA is - over 250 attended their first conference in April - she hopes it continues to grow. She said the organization always wanted to be more than just a website. This year, the group is taking an ORC training program out to Law Enforcement in smaller markets across the five-state region.

Kilpatrick’s leadership doesn’t end with her involvement in MAORCA, however.

In June 2016, she became a Regional Leader for the NRF Organized Retail Crime/Investigators Network, working in conjunction with Robert G Moraca (Vice President Loss Prevention at National Retail Federation), Jonathan Shimp (Vice President Risk Management, Louis Vuitton) and Gabe Esposito (Director-Security, Loss Prevention & Business Continuity at Verizon Wireless). The NRF ORC/Investigators Network will soon be hosting an open conference call - stay tuned to the Daily for more information.

Kilpatrick is also is a State Representative for Washington D.C.’s Coalition of Law Enforcement & Retail (C.L.E.A.R.) – a position she has held for over two years.

Kilpatrick strongly believes that Loss Prevention and ORC is a field in which building partnerships is critical. She credits her mentor Maurice Cloutier, her boss and VP of Loss Prevention at Ann Inc., for helping instill this in her. She says that Cloutier has developed his people (7 Regionals) into recognizing the importance of using partnerships and networking to bring in new ideas from outside organizations.

Kilpatrick is also grateful for two of her colleagues, Stefanie Mangiante (ORC Regional Manager for CVS) and Amanda Hobert (Market Investigations Manager-ORC for Toys R Us), who have been great partners in the industry. In the years to come, she hopes more women will feel empowered to pursue ORC careers as well.

As a Regional Loss Prevention Investigator  for Ann Inc., Amanda Kilpatrick covers stores for Loft Southeast and Factory West coast. When she began working at the company in 2013, she took the initiative on working on ORC investigations in the Mid-Atlantic. With this and other various leadership positions in ORC and LP organizations, Kilpatrick has become an all-star in the industry.

She is so passionate about ORC that she helped establish the Mid-Atlantic Organized Retail Crime Alliance (MAORCA), an ORC organization that covers regions in West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington, D.C. This year, she was elected to serve as the group’s Vice President.

MAORCA has over 700 members, including 385 in law enforcement. Since the alliance is based in the nation’s capital, many of these law enforcement members are involved in U.S. Customs, the Department of Homeland Security, and federal law enforcement.

ORC Leader Amanda Kilpatrick
​An All-Star in the LP Industry

Ultimately, Kilpatrick has set an example as an industry leader who works tirelessly in the ORC effort. While she has already positively impacted the field throughout her 10+ years in LP, it's clear that she will continue to do so in many different ways for many more years.

For more information on MAORCA, visit the group's website at The organization will also be holding a meeting on Nov. 4, which you can RSVP for here.