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ORC Leader Kevin Stone
​Using 'best in class' partnerships to fight ORC

"I try to learn something from every professional encounter I have," he said. "One mentor in particular is Kelly Sanders with our Banana Republic division. Her passion for LP, community involvement, and influence on others are most notable of things she has taught me."

One of the biggest challenges he faces as an ORC investigator, particularly since he's based in California, is new the legislation in the state that has made prosecuting ORC cases more difficult.

This is especially troubling to Stone since California has more "top ORC cities" than any state in the country. He hopes to serve as a change agent and gain the attention of assembly members who can help bring forward new solutions to this growing problem.

Going forward, Stone hopes to reach the national manager level so he could lead a team of national ORC investigators.

We at the Daily would like to commend Kevin on his efforts, his passion, and his abilities as it’s extremely clear that this executive has made a difference and that he has the necessary vision and focus that’s critical for every executive to succeed.

Job well done, Kevin, and let’s keep them all safe out there.

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Nelson Harrah, ORC Director for the Gap, believes Stone and Abercrombie and Fitch’s ORC Leader Chris Arbeene - another leader the Daily will be highlighting in the coming weeks – have one of the most successful partnerships he’s ever seen.

"They continue to close and dismantle ORC organizations that operate on a transnational basis," Harrah said. "They also have 'best in class' partnerships with key law enforcement agencies at all levels, especially with LAPD’s Cargo Theft Unit."

It is partnerships like these that Stone believes are critical when it comes to his work as an ORC investigator. From peer retailers to law enforcement, even with local DA's and federal prosecutors, he believes these partnerships need to be sustained over time to ensure that public partners are properly trained and that the industry's most prolific offenders are properly dealt with.

Stone also believes that ORC associations are critical in the fight against ORC. In 2008, Stone, Det. Mike Martinez, David Iorillo (San Diego District Attorney Investigators Association), Chris Arbeen (Abercrombie & Fitch) and Maurice Payne (Limited Brands) came together to form the San Diego Organized Crime Alliance. SDORCA now currently has over 1,400 members with nearly 50% of those from the law enforcement community.

As these groups continue to expand, Stone hopes to see each of them connected on the same platform and communicating seamlessly. SDORCA was very proud that CAL-ORCA recognized the organization and offered a break-out session at their recent conference. 

As the Organized Retail Crime Manager at the Gap in California for the last four years, and with over a decade's experience in the industry, Kevin Stone has been heavily involved with San Diego’s Organized Crime Alliance.

Having worked over 4,000 hours as an intern with the Escondido, CA Police Department early in his career, Stone developed a strong relationship with Detective Mike Martinez, one of the co-founders of the San Diego Organized Retail Crime Alliance (SDORCA), which certainly has allowed him to learn and participate in a number of significant ORC cases.

He’s also had the opportunity to get involved in a number of nationwide cases that have disrupted and stopped major ORC networks. Some of which had been in operation for over fifteen years.

"The ability to be connected to thousands of other investigators, public and private alike is a key way to gain the upper hand in the fight against ORC," Stone says.

For his successes throughout his LP career, Stone doesn’t just credit himself.